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At Consult DSA, we leverage our diverse and multidimensional team to identify and solve inefficiencies and implement change. We are a nimble organization that creates project teams equipped to meet the unique challenges of our clients' needs.


We integrate ourselves with clients' organizations to promote positive relationships and gain operational insights that help provide lasting and sustainable solutions. Our goal is to help move your business forward by providing and implementing practical business solutions.

Marva Goldsmith, Founder and CEO

Marva's professional journey spans over 25 years, during which she has successfully developed and implemented various programs and services to enhance leadership development, process improvement, and organizational effectiveness. Her clients have ranged from Fortune 500 Companies to incarcerated youth, showcasing her ability to adapt her expertise to diverse contexts.

Marva holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University. She earned a master’s in public administration from Harvard University Kennedy School. Marva obtained a Leadership Coaching Certificate from Georgetown University. She also trained with the William Arruda Personal Branding University.  Committed to understanding human dynamics and relationships, she is certified to administer the Strengths Deployment Inventory, a Relationship Awareness assessment.


Marva's diverse professional experiences and specialized training, equip her with a comprehensive skill set to provide valuable coaching, consulting, and training services to a wide range of clients.

Charles Perkins

Charles Perkins brings a wealth of experience and a successful track record spanning over 20 years in leading cross-functional teams to drive change within large and complex global organizations.

Charles holds a Master of Science degree in Organization Development from American University in Washington, DC.  In addition, Charles has obtained a Process Improvement Master Certification from Process Model in Park City, Utah. This certification highlights his proficiency in implementing process improvement methodologies and driving operational excellence within organizations.

Charles is certified in Facilitating and Managing Complex Systems Change. He is a Six Sigma Greenbelt, having received his certification from Motorola University in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  Charles's contributions to the field of organization development have been recognized through his receipt of the prestigious Hal Kellner Award for Excellence in Organization Development from the American University's National Training Laboratory in Washington, DC.

Tamara Hayman Henry

Tamara Hayman Henry is a highly motivated and results-driven professional with a diverse background in leading and supervising teams to meet business needs. Tamara excels in working with and identifying innovative technologies, executing lean and six sigma principles, providing project management support, and navigating the systems engineering lifecycle.

Tamara holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, and a Master of Science degree in Technology Management from The Johns Hopkins University. In addition, Tamara is a Certified Project Management Professional, demonstrating her expertise and proficiency in project management practices.

With their exceptional leadership abilities, technical expertise, strong relationship management skills, problem-solving capabilities, and effective communication, Tamara Hayman Henry is an invaluable asset in driving business success.

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